The living room might be the first place your loved one visits after your porch, but your kitchen room remains the most uniting. These days, kitchen renovation in Toronto moves your kitchen from being a mere addition to the centerpiece of your home. New designs and modern styles make the kitchen a lovely place to sit in and chat, play, cook, and lots more. Let’s make your kitchen a perfect extension of your personality and the kind of memories you want to build with your loved ones.
Here at Rotari Construction, we run a smooth and tailored kitchen renovation process for our customers. You get the chance to choose how you want your kitchen to look, while we handle the rest. Our straightforward process, quality, and passion allow us to turn your kitchen to a little wonder in no time.



During your consultation, our team of experts will learn about your expectations and ideas for the kitchen renovation and its finishing. Base on that, we will come up with various design and finishing options taking into account building requirements, floor plans.

Work scheduling:

Your time is important to us. Hence, once we have finalized the plans and options with you, our designated team will begin the works for a permit and license to ensure everything runs smoothly. We will also finalize with vendors and manufacturers to accurately map out the renovation timeline.

Estimate and budgeting:

We will provide you with a comprehensive budget. Our report will include cost for design, permit, materials, engineering, and labor. Alongside this, we will also recommend alternative materials and options of a prime standard with less cost to further reduce your budget.

Work progress:

To avoid leaving you dissatisfied, we will inform you ahead of any construction stage. This way, we ensure that you have enough time to consider any alterations or additions you might need. However, changes that affect materials and labor could lead to additional costs.

Kitchen renovation include:

- Demolition
- Drywalling
- Custom cabinets
- Custom counter top
- Plumbing
- Appliances connections

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